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Emprocesses - The Eclat Way Of Doing Things

Planning for empathy, providing the tools, time and resources and measuring the same.

How does one create a process for empathy? Seems counter-intuitive. Something that is warm, fuzzy and from the heart, putting it in a processes seems cold, even calculating, manipulative.

But you see the same happen to warmth, personalised customer service.

We have created and perfected processes for both. Hospitality has been doing day in and day out, with pretty good results.

So, how does one create a process for Empathy?

One does not.

You do not create a process for empathy, you imbibe a process with empathy. Every customer facing / touch point adds an additional dynamic - empathy.

We call these "Emprocesses"

for e.g.

> All Check Ins will be under 3 minutes

empathy added - If a family needs more time to check in, ask questions, know a little about the place, hotel or needs to wait for a family member who would needs special care, one staff member will join them in the lobby and offer refreshments. The family is not to be hurried.

In the Check In process sheet, please add under remarks - Family Empathy.

This is not considered a process failure in any audit by us.

> Directions To The Centre

In our process, we have a script to direct people to the centre, but we also have some questions:

1. Where are you right now; What can you see around you?

2. Would you like me to guide you to the centre and stay on the line till you get here?

3. Would you like me to text the directions?

This is empathy in action.

The real victory is not in creating a direction script that is so awesome that martians could land here using it, but to help the customer get to the centre as soon as possible.

All processes should look at what the ultimate goal of the process is and what are the stresses on the customers while they are in the process. Find a way to minimise / remove the stresses while getting them to the goal envisioned.