Eclat Hospitality

Recruitment | Talent Development

since 2006

What Makes Us Different

Experienced & Knowledgeable Consultants

We have a team of consultants with specialist knowledge of each vertical. Given their working background in each respective sector, they have an extensive understanding of the environment, which ensures they know exactly the type of candidate required.


Direct Headhunting

Unlike the rest of the market, we do not source our candidates from job portals. Instead, we map the market and headhunt specifically as per the requirement.


Single Point of Contact

Each client deals with a specific Relationship Manager (RM) who has had prior experience in that field. Moreover, this RM is a single point of contact for all your resourcing requirements.


Feedback Sessions

We constantly ask our clients for feedback to ensure we are delivering all their needs in the most efficient, competent and effective manner. We strive to be the best in our field and this process not only helps us in achieving this, but also strengthens our relationships with our clients.



We are clear and transparent with our clients and candidates, ensuring that there are no surprises if matters were to progress to the stage of an offer.


Long Term Commitment

Our relationship with our clients is one that we greatly value and look to build in the long term. We endevour to make our clients more successful by way of assisting them in recruiting the right resources to take their business forward.