'I want someone who can get shit done!'

An HR Head Told Me She Looks For The Following Attributes In Managers

It was a normal day. By that I mean, the HR Head and me were having a discussion about how hard it was to find talent that she wanted. 'It seems there are more than enough, warm bodies, talent though is sorely missing'.

I disagreed.

I told her, we meet a lot of talented people who are under appreciated, under paid, under motivated and hence have now become transactional in their approach to jobs. Careers be damned, this is becoming about getting as much as you can now coz who knows what will happen later.

She thought about it for a moment and said 'maybe'.

People who know me, know that I cannot just accept a 'maybe'.

'What does that mean I asked her?'

'Well you know maybe you are right, but I am very sure that I am right'

This was not helping, so I asked her what does she look for when hiring?

I have asked this almost every hospitality professional I have ever met or worked with, and I have always got the same answers: Attitude mate, attitude! Comm skills to go with the service attitude. Knowledge and skill we can teach, we just can't re-program their attitude.  I was expecting something similar from her.

'I want someone who can get shit done!'

That got my attention.

'Ok!' I said, 'That is new. What else?'

'I think as a manager, I would like to see curiosity in the person. A constant need to know, learn and ask the right questions. You know someone who knows what to ask so as to find the right answer.

I also want to see innovation. Dead are the old ways of doing things. I mean, look at how Indigo has just redefined almost everything about flying. It is same old service, and yet they have infused a certain freshness in everything.

I want my managers to be analytical. from the word go, from the lowest rungs of the organisation, an analytical mind will find patterns, will learn to appreciate collecting, dissecting, understanding and using data.  Managers should you gut feel and experience, but to ignore numbers is a folly"

I thought about that for a while. I had to agree with her.

* Analytical

* Gets Shit Done

* Asks Questions

* Finds New Ways To Do Things

Are you someone like that?

Ask yourself these questions and if possible spend sometime articulating a response, an answer, a statement you can use to demonstrate the same in an interview.

Can you give an example of each in an interview?

Happy Selections!