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From The Horse's Mouth

I am passionate about hospitality, education, people, innovation, service excellence, good food & good reads.
After completing my school education in the sciences, I ventured to hotel management purely coz of the glamour.   I stuck with it only coz it was so much fun!
IIHM Aurangabad is where I went to learn about the Art & Science of Hospitality and earned a Degree from University of Huddersfield in the process.  Much later, I would also go to IIM Bangalore to work on my General Management education.
Started work at the Taj Group of Hotels (Indian Hotels Co Ltd) as a Management Trainee and when a decade later the training ended I started my own consulting firm.
Post the Taj days, I have started a National Council recognised Hotel Management Educational Institute as a principal, started and successfully sold two ventures - one offline, one online and worked on creating a sustainable offering for our clients.
When I am not thinking about Eclat, I am either traveling, reading or discussing passionately on topics close to my heart with people who care to listen and contribute.
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A List of Articles / Ideas / Editorial Etc.  

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Reducing The Gap between Industry & Academia in the Hospitality Industry

As a professional recruiter I see a wide chasm between what the industry wants and what the academia is training/educating for.

I also see the various limitations under which the academia works and performs.

As someone who is at the cusp of the two, I am looking to find solutions and partners to reduce this gap.

Getting to GM

The Hotel General Manager is the top position in any hotel.  The top dog so to speak.

I am interested in finding out, what it takes to become a GM and further what it takes to stay there.

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