We understand that the best processes, buildings, ideas are useless if the talent is unable to deliver on the vision.

Our best work is done as a partner, but we are happy to assist you with just one recruitment if that is all you need.

what you get for FREE


We know you have tight budgets and paying consultants is tough. So if you share your open positions with us, we will send you profiles of our members (click here to know more about our awesome industry first career membership program) for FREE!

YES, you can have free recruitment.

You can also get a half day training session for free too!


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If you need us to actively work on your hospitality talent requirements, you need to pay us.

We work harder when paid :)

Typically we charge 8.33% of the annual CTC (but we charge more for hard to find skills and senior positions) and we have a retainer fee to start the search.

There will also be discussions and talks with the reporting managers and the bosses to ensure we know what you need.

We not only ensure you find the talent you need, but we are happy to be held accountable for their work and results! We know, no one else even talks about it.  That is why it is worth it to pay us.