Every one deserves the job they want. 

Rule #1 - You should know where the jobs are. 
Rule #2 - You should know where to send your profile. 
Rule #3 - When the company is looking for you, they should be able to find you.

Other things like skill, knowledge, attitude come much later. If the HR does not even know that you are an active job seeker, you are not going to be even called for an interview.

That is why we created the Eclat JobApp.

A job app, only for the hospitality industry, run by an industry leading talent company.

The app does only 2 things:

1. You can apply for jobs by just 'liking them'

2. HR can like your profile and thus invite you to apply to them.

That's it, an app only to get you the job you deserve! 

Download the app, right now. Click here