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Indian School of Hospitality provides an international standard of hospitality education from a faculty of industry experts as well as some of the world’s most renowned names in the field. Dedicated to providing a world class education, cutting-edge professional experience and a career path that’s set up for success.

ISH understands the nuances of the hospitality, travel and tourism industry- as well as the needs of the millennial student. These fields are becoming the fastest growing worldwide, and require talent that’s more versatile and flexible than ever before. The aim is to provide the relevant skills, mindset and spirit to succeed as the leaders, entrepreneurs and innovators of tomorrow.


Indian School of Hospitality Brings in New, International Standards of Student Accommodation following Signing with CoHo


Currently Recruiting For Kitchen Team for the Student Services Centre.

  • CDP (3 positions)

Conti, Indian, Bakery

  • Commis (6 positions) 

Conti, Indian, Bakery

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