EMP is Eclat Member Program

The critical breakthrough comes via knowledge, network and opportunity. 

Eclat Hospitality works on your behalf to get you the opportunity you deserve.

Job hunting, is now a full time job. We ensure that you do not lose out, only because you are busy in your current job.

Getting a job, starts with getting an interview and that starts by getting your resume shortlisted, and that can only happen if you know where to send your resume.  Eclat assists you every step of the way!



A Fabulous New Resume

Research shows most recruiters look at a resume for not more 30 seconds.

That is why you need an Eclat Resume (a copyright design).

The Eclat Resume design is guaranteed to share maximum useful and relevant information and is designed after years of research with HR Heads and Recruiters.

Not just that, your Eclat Career Manager - yes you get that too! - will authenticate all your relevant details and give your resume the Eclat Verified Stamp.

You get 5 updates free!

Every additional update is INR 250/-

Eclat Verified Stamp

Resume fraud is the most common HR frauds in the world. More than 20% of all applicants distort / fudge / lie on their resume. HR spends a lot of time trying to ensure they do not hire someone giving them false information.

With the Eclat Verified Stamp, HR is assured that all relevant details have been checked and hence HR Heads are prone to close positions faster with our candidates.

Every Resume gets a unique code that HR can verify with Eclat.


Eclat Career Manager

You need someone on your team, to cheer you, help you, guide you and even inform you. Your career manager will be available to assist and guide you.

All our career managers not only have the right attitude, but also the right training, knowledge and connections.

Job Updates

For a monthly fee you get updates on all new jobs available for your desired position.  

This service can be deactivated at any time.

New Jobs will be delivered via your choice of channel.

Only Jobs that match the designation you are interested in, will be sent to you.


We Apply for you!

The Eclat Job App is the best of everything we offer.

Once you like a job, your career manager approves your application and instantly your profile is shared with the HR.

They like the profile and boom, you have a job.

It is that simple.

Download now


As an Eclat Member you get special discounts on other services like Interview prep, managing Linkedin Accounts, Industry expertise, Training etc offered by Eclat Hospitality.



If you are looking for Jobs in India

Membership fee - INR 2499/- *

Monthly Job Updates - INR 249/- *

*All inclusive



If you are looking for Jobs outside India

Membership fee - INR 5999/- *

Monthly Job Updates - INR 599/- *

*All inclusive

*you get relevant jobs in India for Free.  Something to look at if your international processing takes time!

Ask, Feel Free

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p.s. if you cannot get hold of Vikas, call Prabhjot 9872000604