Interesting Trend - Restaurant Sequels


In a report by ET, an interesting trend seems to emerge - the restaurant sequel.

While this may seem like a restaurant becoming a chain of restaurants, it isn’t, because it remains restricted to opening 1 or 2 outlets of a successful concept in the same city, but different neighbourhood.

Asian restaurant Misu of St Marks Road opened its second outlet in Indiranagar recently and plans to open soon in Whitefield or Outer Ring Road. 

“Like Mumbai, Bengaluru has grown multifold with each locality becoming self-sufficient. People don’t want to drink-and-drive or battle through heavy traffic. While experimenting with new food concepts is adventurous and important, opening multiple outlets of a tried-and-tested formula is a feasible way to scale business,” says owner Amit Ahuja.

While some recreate the same concept and menu, others may only take the brand name recognition forward and hyper localise the menu

Sanchez & Sriracha opened its second outlet in Indiranagar after UB City. “The idea is to expose a winning formula to different markets but with added creativity. About 40% of our menu in Indiranagar is new,” says chef Vikas Seth. 

Pizzeria Brikoven of Church Street, which launched in Indiranagar with bigger infrastructure a week ago. Director Anirudh Nopany says, “If the food is good and in demand, we must replicate the model, expand but ensure that the standards match perfectly.” 

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