Exclusive Interview | Gaurav Sharma, Human Resources Manager, Royal Caribbean


Editor: Tell us about your journey. How did it all start? 

It all started when I was in school. My cousin who was chief engineer with Shipping Corporation of India would visit us when he would sign off in then...Bombay. His stories were always in my mind. Add to that the travel bug in me. The recipe was there. I joined hotel school to become a catering officer. By the time I passed out...that position was obsolete. So I joined hotels and then aviation and finally Ships as a shipboard Corporate Trainer and have been on ships since then.

Editor: What do you think it takes to succeed in this industry?

Patience. Patience and Patience. That is the key to survive and thrive in a multicultural environment.

Editor: What are the attributes you look for while selecting or hiring?

I hire for attitude...skills can be taught. You cannot teach a person to smile or be hospitable.

Editor: Tell us a little about your average day

On cruise ships, we do not have weekdays and weekends. We have sea days. Port days and turnaround days. Each of these days is different. Busiest being a turnaround day.

Editor: How do keep abreast of all that is happening in hospitality?

Mostly through LinkedIn and it's groups.

Editor: Two reasons why this industry is awesome!

It is a growing one and there is so much to learn from people from different cultures.

Editor: Two things you would like to change about the industry.

Only one thing...Accommodation should be single for all positions.