Around The World In 7 Meals

Our client Joocy has been busy dishing out world cuisine.

Check this update:

Joocy’s been saving lunch hour by delivering fresh, yummy meals across Gurgaon, but there’s more to this food delivery service, based out of South City– II, than just that. Their menu includes delicacies and dishes from around the world – think Thailand, Mexico, Italy or the United States.
Ditch the dabba for a week and spend your salary on these 7 meals, instead. Alternatively, treat yourself to a cheat meal once a week – these are worth the calories.

See more about the good stuff here

Awesome New Job App!

The Eclat Job App is the best of everything we offer.

It has jobs that are live, real and curated by humans at Eclat. Unlike other job sites, this is not a dump of random jobs.

The jobs are from clients, partner hotels, awesome recruiters who invite Eclat Members to apply and work with them.

Once you like a job, your career manager approves your application and instantly your profile is shared with the HR.

They like the profile and boom, you have a job.

It is that simple.

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We are in Bangalore / Bengaluru from the 3rd to the 5th of May.

While Eclat considers Chandigarh as home (only because it is like living in small city but working in a big one!), we routinely make other cities are temporary home for a few days.

Why do we do it?

For starters, the food scene in Bangalore is amazing. 

But we are also there for you.  Our candidates.  We understand you need a face to the name and hence a real world presence helps. So, we come to you. You can meet us, talk to us, ask questions, get answers and get jobs too!

What you can do?

Register online

Come with your profile and an open mind.

We will together figure out what is best for you and how to get it!


Where will we be?



3, Koramangala, Industrial Area,

Opp. Starbucks Koramangala - 560034


Who can I call for assistance?

9855526588 / 9855985477 / 9911588790

See you there!

p.s. if you get us something to eat, we will spend more time with you!