we are the leading hospitality services design & talent management company in India.

Service design

We help you define each interaction, the overarching brand story, the magical moments and the precise processes.  Every detail, is accounted for.

We design your customer face!

This is the 'what' of your service.


We recruit the talent that you need to deliver your business goals.

Our proprietary database, social media and India's largest hospitality job fairs make us your ideal partner.

This is the 'who' of your service. 




Talent on-boarding is just the beginning of the battle, the real success is the execution.

We train your team to deliver your results, via your processes while living your values.

This is the 'how' of your service.

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Founded by Award Winning Hospitality Consultant, Prabhjot Bedi, Eclat has been an innovator and at the forefront of creating solutions for its clients since 2006


Today, a motley crew of ex hoteliers, day dreamers and story tellers, work together to create the magic of a perfect service interaction.

These same people create awesome careers for individuals.

What Makes Us Different

Experienced & Knowledgeable Consultants

We have a team of consultants with specialist knowledge of each vertical. Given their working background in each respective sector, they have an extensive understanding of the environment, which ensures they know exactly the type of candidate required.


Direct Headhunting

Unlike the rest of the market, we do not source our candidates from job portals. Instead, we map the market and headhunt specifically as per the requirement.


Single Point of Contact

Each client deals with a specific Relationship Manager (RM) who has had prior experience in that field. Moreover, this RM is a single point of contact for all your resourcing requirements.


Feedback Sessions

We constantly ask our clients for feedback to ensure we are delivering all their needs in the most efficient, competent and effective manner. We strive to be the best in our field and this process not only helps us in achieving this, but also strengthens our relationships with our clients.



We are clear and transparent with our clients and candidates, ensuring that there are no surprises if matters were to progress to the stage of an offer.


Long Term Commitment

Our relationship with our clients is one that we greatly value and look to build in the long term. We endevour to make our clients more successful by way of assisting them in recruiting the right resources to take their business forward.


Eclat Job Fairs


The Eclat Hospitality Job Fair was started with the vision of creating an ideal venue for job & education seekers to meet providers, share information, apply and make important career decisions.

As a platform it brought together more than 15000+ candidates with over 100+ brands.  Till date Eclat has held 35 Editions of the Job Fair.


Eclat Talent Development


Our philosophy is to innovate, engage, have fun, create compelling passionate programs that address knowledge, attitude and skills.  

We are big on experiential learning and use every tool, technology, psychological trick we can to create change.

All training is geared towards business and personal success

For details on all programs offered, please click here

Successful completion is certified by Eclat

Successful completion is certified by Eclat

"You can get everything you want in life if you will just help enough other people get what they want"- Zig Ziglar

  • We Care. About our clients, our partners, our team, our brands and our reputation.
  • We don't start our sentences with 'Honestly speaking' because we would always like to be honestly speaking.  Honesty and Integrity are best demonstrated on a day-to-day, continuous basis.  We are honest, to everyone and if some people cannot accept that, then honestly speaking we are not for them.
  • We are Passionate. We succeed because we work harder, longer, smarter and from the heart.  It hurts when we are not able to make the pain go away for our clients and the day it stops hurting, we should sell and do something else.
  • We are Focused.  We don't do everything, but what we do, we are very very good at.  Each of our individual focus, for the day, week, month, quarter or year, connects to and is drawn from the team's focus.  When we make something our focus, the intention is to be to be world-class in it.
  • The Client - Individual or Corporate comes before everything else.
  • Every client is accorded respect, dedication, effort, understanding, and our time.  
  • We learn what our clients Want or help them find out what is it that they want.  Once we agree to help them get what they want, we do everything in our power to make it happen.
  • We Make Things Happen, period.  
  • We seek Opportunity in adversity. If something was easy, why would a client need us?
  • We Do More with less. Repeatedly.  
  • We Think and Act Flexibly.  We make plans, detailed, documented, we thought out plans.  We discuss, deliberate, look at options, seek information, learn from previous mistakes and then make plans.  Planning is important and the first solid step towards success.  But we are not slaves to those plans. We learn on the job, along the way.  If something doesn't work, we look for newer, workable solutions.  If something more is required, we do it.  
  • We Keep It Simple.  We do not 'dumb' it down, but create intelligent, simple solutions.  
  • We Innovate. Not for us the boring, staid, routine, accepted, industry standard way of doing things.  We lead, we create new ways to do things and we do so because weare capable and are allowed to fail.  We try new stuff. If it works awesome, if it doesn't, we innovate, again.
  • We Follow Our Heart.  We are emotional.  We feel sad, happy, ecstatic, angry and more.  We are human and we do things that want to make us jump out of bed or not go to sleep at all.  
  • We Love People and we love making them happy!
  • We believe in TeamWork and Individual Glory. We work better together, its just as simple as that, but we celebrate the star that each one of us is.  Individual achievement is celebrated, rewarded and supported by the Team!  
  • We are WOW! people.  If something can be done to create a wow, we do it. no arguments.
  • We Pursue Growth.  The more lives we touch, the more people we assist, the more dreams we fulfil, the happier we get. 
  • We are Humble.  We acknowledge our faults, our mistakes, our fears and our limitations.  We seek answers to questions we have no answers for.  We respect the judgement, desires, ideas, & opinions of others.  We always, always use 'Please' &'Thank you'
  • We are Fun. If we can make any task, activity, challenge, moment, interaction, exercise, training, meeting or event more fun, we do.
  • We are Responsible.
  • We constantly look for the 'Eclat Touch', the differentiator, the small BIG thing, that tells everyone Eclat was here.